Monday, February 23, 2009

txt me l8r! =]

Where to start??
well, my valentines day wasnt as exciting as bet most of your's were because I was in bed extremely sick! yes, not fun at all. Unfortuantly for me I was not able to got to Florida like Sam did or to Mexico like Shivali. I was laying in bed since friday afternoon.. Sleeping. How ever as many people have already metioned, the media never ceases to entertain us with its bizzare stories. Or shall I say, Stamford? Crazy chimps on a lose, another bank robbery, and NCC students now getting text messages getting sent to their cell phones when ever an emergancy occurs. When I finally felt a little better, I went up to Fordham to visit a couple of friends in college. And in a conversation about school (High school vs. College) my college friends told me that they too get text messages when ever an emergancy occurs. Although it is not from their teachers, they all send it to each other. I shared with them how we all get calls home when there is going to be a snow day, or of course when we don't show up to class. But we all agreed that maybe it would be a better idea if the board of ed. would just send us text messages. It's easier and I believe alot faster. Most people live in text messages and a great majority have unlimited. And the board of ed. wouldn't neccesarly have to send them just to us students, our parents of course would be invloved in this long list. It would also make it easier for those parents who get home late from work or get up right before the sun to go to work.. One thing is deffinitly certain, techonolgy is really advancing BIG TIME!

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  1. I definitely agree with you that technology has taken a dramatic turn. The fact that colleges are now texting emergency messages to students' cell phones is weird, but not very shocking. I think we all knew that we were headed in this direction, it was only a matter of time. The only question is, where do we draw the line? First text messages, what's next? Overall, I think that while technology is getting more exciting, it scares me a little.