Sunday, February 22, 2009

the journey and the jetlag....

Right now, my body is certain that it is 1:40 in the morning, although my clock insists that it's only, in fact, 6:42 p.m. however, i refuse to believe that it is that far away from a normal bed time. i am an unfortunate sufferer of the infamous jetlag, and as i sit here in smelly sweats and contemplate what to write, any clever phrases or funny stories i have are being swallowed up by my useless brain that is functioning on roughly eight hours of coach-section plane sleep, the worst kind of sleep there is.

at 1 a.m. yesterday, i left jerusalem, israel for a non-stop 12 hours flight to jfk, a torturous ordeal that was compensated by the experience i'd had the 10 days before. during my february break, i spent an amazing week and a half revisiting israel after my month-long tour this summer, reexperiencing old sights and taking in the new. my tour began in tel aviv, where i stayed in a beach side hotel with my family, and the 7 other families and couples from stamford on my tour. the view from my hotel looked like this:

after tel aviv, we traveled to the golan heights in the north of israel, where we spent two days living on a kibbutz and touring the hilly area. the trip ended with five days in jerusalem, where we visited the classics (the western wall, the dead sea, etc) along with the bustling muslim and christian quarters in the old city, the ruins of the city of david, and massada, which required a grueling yet worthwhile hike to reach the top. (the picture shows part of the snake trail we had to hike)
in the end though, the headaches and weariness i'm feeling right now are completely worth it. being in israel is an experience i believe everyone needs to have, jewish or not. and in the end, the jetlag is worth the journey.

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  1. Just on the artistic aspect, I think these pictures incredible. I can also empathize with you on the whole jetlag thing. It's truly awful. But it looks like you did alot of interesting things in Isreal. I definitely want to visit one day =)