Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stamford Bank Robbery

So another local story, but a little different from Ari's. Today I was driving around downtown with my dad, just getting some hours in as my license test is on it's way! Anyway, we were heading up north as I was on my way home and I couldn't help but notice all the different police cars and such around the banks. Of course, as soon as I came home I turned on News 12 Connecticut to see what was happening. Once again, they didn't fail to displease me as I saw stories about Stew Leonard's wonderful working conditions and on a more international level, Usher was released from Brazil? These stories were not what I was looking for so it wasn't long before I clicked off the tv and checked online. To test my luck, I went on the News 12 Connecticut and after a brief search, I found information about a bank robbery at First County Bank on High Ridge Road. My mom came home shortly after, confirming this as she was around the area at 12 noon (around the time that the robbery happened). So, did the media do a good job at covering this story? Really, I think it wasn't too bad. Obviousily this local story can't have everything out within 3 hours but at least there was some information online. Hopefully we'll hear something later on tonight but at least I was able to find a brieft synopsis of the story online. Not much, but sufficient enough for my curiousity.
Here is the link to what I found:


  1. Oh wait! I thought we were supposed to rate the media so mine does appear too similar to your's, Ari! I'm completely sorry about that, I didn't realize that until later. I will post a more original and unique blog later on then :)