Monday, February 16, 2009

Rating, Our Media

Today 12 cop cars, 2 ambulances, and 1 mini EMS truck drove my dad and me off the road (several times, as you can imagine) on High Ridge headed up towards Scofield Town Rd. I was super curious. We were at Nico's Foreign Car Repair (Nico is the man) at the time and the guy seated behind the counter, leaning back in his aged rolly chair, said "you wanna know what's up?"
He continued to tell us that a 200lb chimp attacked a guy up on Rock Rimmon. According to the website he was reading off of, it was "still on the loose" after several attempted shootings.

14 governmental vehicles? a 200lb chimp? (chimp... not gorilla...)
I guess we'll find out soon.
Until then I'm watching channel 12 news, which is, might I add, god awful.

So for today, day 3 of my killer vacation in Stamford, I'm going to rate the media a 5.5/10. 4 points for sparking my interest, 1 point for having SOMETHING online within minutes, and .5 for being eff-ing ridic.

with love, ari


I guess that solves it.

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