Sunday, February 22, 2009

From the exact same small town in Mexico...

Shivali was not the only one to spend time in Mexico this vacation... This picture was taken from the back of a moving van as I travelled into the Mayan jungle to go canoeing, repelling, zip lining, hiking, etc. I travelled with the Oakes family (yay Alli Oakes!), and a guide took us to a VERY secluded town which could only be accessed by a very long, straight road (hence the image above).

Once we got into the little villiage compound it became clear that the locals had a very different standard of living than I am used to. Houses had no running water and were made out of wood or concrete, with the bare dirt serving as a floor. Stray dogs and children just sort of wandered all around. Outside of one house there was even a monkey chained on a leash (I found this especially ironic because once we passed the house with the pet monkey we all commented on how uncivilized/unsanitary it must be, and then returned to the hotel where the NATIONAL news informed us about the crazy chimp in STAMFORD, CT - guess were not as much better off as we thought...). Anyway, the picture above is of the local playground. I thought the rusty "bump ahead" sign in the foreground looked pretty cool in comparison to the dilapidated playground in the background.

Anyone who has ever been to the Lagurdia airport knows that it takes sooooo long to get your checked baggage once you get off the airplane. Alli Oakes and I sat for a very long time waiting for our bags to come, so I decided to document her poor choice of footwear (we went from 78 degrees to 28 degrees) as we sat in the New York airport.

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