Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21: A Day That May (Or May Not...?) Live in Infamy

Today is February 21...let's check out some important things that have happened on this day over the last few centuries.

On this day in...

1440, the Prussian Confederation was formed. For those of us who take or will take European History...this means that the long, confusing line of Fredericks began on this day. Oh joy :)

1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the Communist Manifesto. This 86-page (depending on the Publisher...there are some nifty editions on Amazon in case you're interested) title lays out the various tenets of Communism, which would eventually become the major conflict in the Cold War between the US and USSR. For further information see Barack Obama's website (JK!).

1918, the last Carolina parakeet died at the Cincinnati Zoo. This is actually false, and the last one died in 1994 when Lloyd and Harry's pet parakeet lost its head to the whim of a madman in the classic film, Dumb and Dumber. "Pretty bird..."

1948, NASCAR was incorporated. I read somewhere that NASCAR racing is the most popular sport in America, but I have to bite my thumb at that notion. I cannot understand the appeal in watching cars zoom around a racetrack 500 times, but I suppose to each his own.

And that is your historical reflection for February 21.

LP :)

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