Saturday, February 28, 2009
I couldn't get my computer to actually post the video... Sorry about that.

So this video seems extremly irrelevant and "dumb" but I would like to describe the significance. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were probably my childhood role models when I was a developing young child. I loved their personalities, their roles in movies, fashion styles, and everything about them. But a couple years ago, Mary Kate was said to be annorexic. Me, a developing teenager automatically looked at this with pure disgust. How could some one I adored have this disease that defined pure weakness and inability to deal with challenges? And the media sure didn't change my view about her. Instead, it reinforced my idea and just made me completely lose interest in the Olsen twins. So here's a question I would like to put out there. Does the media really positively effect us? Does it really show us the truth in what various celebrities have to face? Why was it that I never seemed to hear something from Mary Kate's side of the story? For once it would be nice to hear her views.

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  1. You make an extremely interesting point Martha. I really like the contrast presented between the video and the reputation the Olsen's have.
    But I think another thing that has to be considered is the fact that they have grown up under the media's spotlight. Ever since they were crawling they were on TV, so maybe we as a public have never known the true Olsen twins.
    Also, if you heard Mary-Kate's side coming from the media, would you believe it?