Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happiness is a Warm Gun

On February 19th, 2009 Just Books held an event for Alice Schroeder, the author of Snowball, a biography on Warren Buffet. The event was held at a very modern furniture store right on Greenwich Avenue. My coworker and I were taking down names of all the members of the Junior League, which in other words is a club for the very VERY rich and bored women of Greenwich. Now this was our second event with Alice but at this one Warren was not present and we were also not at a museum, so now we were actually included in the event and not pushed to the side. As the short hand on the clock reached seven, and the long hand reached the thirty, it became very quite. The 200 people in that room suddenly became still and focused. As I handed Alice the microphone, a huge diamond ring blinded me. I just rolled my eyes because the ring was not just noticed by me but by some of the money thirsty wives in the corner. She began talking about all of her lunch ins with Mr. Buffet and all of the fancy things she got on Christmas from him. When question and answer time came, a middle age woman asked, "It has been reported that Mr. Buffet wont leave any money for his children, is that really going to happen?" And the answer. "Well, he plans on leaving about 10 million for each child, which I don't agree with because he has billions of dollars. He should give his kids enough so they don't have to work and can do anything that they want." I sat there with my mouth hanging to the floor. Earlier that day when I woke up, I watched a documentary called, Born into Brothels, which was basically about children in India living in the red light district, and who didn't really have any way of getting out because there mothers were prostitutes, and in India this is very much looked down upon. This brings me to the point I was trying to make. Most of these women are more concerned about how many diamonds they can wear  or ways they can be better and richer than all these women, than actually giving there money away and there time to people who need it. One little boy in the movie said, "I could have all the money in the world and live in the nicest place but that wouldn't make me happy, I am happy where I am." So, why is it that people who already have more, want more, and the people that have nothing are happy?
By: Ashley G.

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