Friday, February 13, 2009

That's just how it goes in the Big East...

Tonight we saw another exciting Big East contest as the 13th ranked Villanova Wildcats visited the unranked Mountaineers of West Virginia. As has been the recent general trend in Big East basketball, unranked teams have trumped over ranked opponents in conference play, especially with the home court advantage. I am of course alluding to Notre Dame's upset over seventh ranked Louisville on Thursday night, among others.

However, as one of the greatest weeks in college basketball comes to a close, the unranked Georgetown Hoyas travel to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY to hopefully end their current slump and defeat longtime rival. The 22nd ranked Syracuse Orange are a great team this year, led by point guard Jonny Flynn, and have always been a strong home court team, especially when playing the Hoyas.

Let us hope that we don't see a sea of orange flooding the court at the final buzzer tomorrow (as is the tradition for Syrcause fans if they are lucky enough to defeat the Hoyas). Tune in at noon to watch what should be a great game of basketball. It is after all being played in one of the most enthusiastic arenas in the country, in the best conference in the NCAA, for the biggest rivalry in said conference.

I know I'm a huge loser but I really just love college basketball; you all should too. Enjoy vacation :)


  1. Well the 'Cuse fans did not flood the court after their hard-fought victory. It was only after a late surge by the struggling Hoyas that the game was forced into overtime where Georgetown was clearly overmatched as they had been the entire game. It seemed as if if the late surge for the Hoyas was brought about by the thought of being ousted from the NCAA tournament, but it wasn't enough. After all, comebacks don't show up in the final score.

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  3. College basketball is more fun this year than I can ever remember it being. Especially in comparison to last year, in which all number 1 seeds made it to the final four, this year is marked by imperfection and upsets. I mean, it hurt to see Georgetown take down UConn, but seeing evenly matched games and never knowing who's going to win makes things so much more exciting this year. And even though it probably resulted from Blake Griffin's injury, I was thrilled by Texas' win over Oklahoma. This year's NCAAM is how every sport should be.