Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Guy

Everyone knows who "that guy" always is (Mr. Von Wahlde).
FINALLY, a non-Super Bowl commercial that made me laugh.
There aren't enough commercials like this anymore.  They don't focus on reality, the makers focus on their own contrived reality.  Most commercials I see nowadays are about medications in which "normal" people somehow know everything about said meds.  I just wish there would be some creativity to catch my attention every so often, and that's what this commercial did.  And it's not like there was a catch phrase in the commercial that included the name of the jeweler (i.e. "Every kiss begins with Kay"), the commercial just happened to be so effective that I was able to remember the name of the jeweler (Helzburg) , without any aide.  As I said before, I am truly thankful that the company didn't wait for the Super Bowl to release a memorable commercial.

Craig T