Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goodbye Winter

Unlike many of my classmates and friends, I did not travel anywhere over this vacation. I stayed in Stamford the WHOLE time, which, trusts me, really is as boring as it sounds. Although this was a productive and very relaxing week for me, it was very uneventful. Nothing special happened, and nothing out of the ordinary personally happend to me. The one positive thing I did happen to notice while in Stamford was that winter was slowly but surely leaving us until next year. The snow was melty at a steady pace and the weather was almost warm, but definetley not as cold as before. When I noticed these things for the first time, I was overjoyed and appreciated every patch of green (or semi-green) patch of grass I could find. When one day I looked out into my yard and found that instead of search for the green patch, I was actually looking for a pile of snow or ice, I was thrilled and full of hope. I felt the need to note this with the picture attatched to this entry, which shows a good portion of my front yard, all but one small patch showing green grass and the hope for spring. =)

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