Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In response to this article I'd have to say I too am conflicted. When I am a signed an project needing research the first thing I do is jump on the computer. Or if I need to check the weather I hop on the good old internet. But the thought of losing the newspaper is scary. Its scary for the simple fact this can be the domino that could possible wipe out all print. This means no one will be able to imagine and create their own worlds while reading a book. Or be informed by the newspapers or read peoples opinions on topics they are interested in. When I read I get to picture and create my own vivid image for any story i want, with movies its created for you and sometimes it's nothing compared to what you could have thought up. And with the television being taken over by reality T.v creativity is slowly disappearing.

A world without newspapers or even books would be the end of a major part of education and progression. If newspapers, magazines and books are gone society is going to lose a vital and necessary part of life the chances to form their own opinions and think for themselves.

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