Thursday, March 12, 2009


After i read the article, I began thinking about everything going on around me. I haven't been following the economic issues maybe because im not really effected by it. My dad owns his own business and builds buildings for companies and homes for the ever-regular Joe, and right now has about 6 jobs going on. My mom is a psychiatrist, and like she always says, "everyone out there needs help". So as I was reading this article, I began to worry. Since I was little I had always used writing as my escape from my parents nasty divorce. I always told myself that the people i saw on the train reading newspapers, will someday be in love with my articles. It's funny because a few weeks ago Hartford Magazine called me and talked to me about the way I wrote and were interested in me writing a few articles for them. Than after he finished (the editor) he said, "I wouldn't get into journalism if I were you, it's all down hill from here." I was semi perplexed and glad that someone was being honest. But perplexed because it was coming from the editor-in-chief???? But anyways, luckily I have other interests like film and photography, so I think i'll be ok (crossing fingers), but as much as people always claim that newspapers might disappear, I dont think it will really happen, everyone likes simple reading on there way to work or school (especially the older simplistic generation).

Ashley G.!!

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