Saturday, March 14, 2009


So today, like many other juniors in the United States, I took my SATs. Of course, I was busy focusing on the questions and trying not to get distracted. However, I could not help but notice the constant reference to the media. I can say that every English passage contained something about the media, whether it was direct or indirect. One passage had the primary focus on the media, talking about the children of our generation. Other passages mentioned communication to other countries and also the use of email. Now, I am sorry to be so broad on this, but I signed a contract saying how I would not provide any information about this test. I figured that general statements such as these are acceptable and appropriate.
To conclude, I think it's pretty interesting to have every passage contain information about the media. I guess Communications class affects me more than just period 2 from Monday- Friday.


  1. I find it funny you mentioned how you signed a contract about not providing information about the test, but you still provided information.

  2. It's too general to be considered as "providing information". Duh!