Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reaction to Homework Article

In all honestly, and this may be the blonde coming out in me, but I'm really kind of confused. From what I'm gettng, newspapers are experiencing economic hardship, similar to, gee, I don't know...every other business out there? Anyways, so I get that they need money, but I'm confused - do they want the government to bail them out or not? It sounds like they do, but they also wanna be "non-profit," but do they mean that in a government sense, or in someone, like a business man, owning the newspaper and therefore affecting the bias of what it prints? I'm not even going to go near the finance stuff, because, after all, I am a blonde, not to mention a girl, and me and money don't exactly tend to mix, especially where banks or analysts or any other type of expert-institution thingy is concerned. So, I guess as far as my basic, initial reaction is concerned, besides "what?" would have to

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