Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As Video Killed the Radio Star

In life there will always been phases and trends. As video killed the radio star, it is easy to see that the Internet is killing print media. With society in need of speed and instant feedback, it is difficult to even expect a daily newspaper is going to compete with not only the Internet but a blog, or a podcast.
The percentage of people that appreciate print media is shriveling. Personally, I love having a tangible newspaper, and trust it so much more than anything I read on the Internet. There is something virtuous about a newspaper, that in my eyes at least, the Internet will never have.
But I do believe that society needs to adjust to the times. It would be unrealistic for me to believe that with all the debt, that the newspaper will survive. In these economic times, everyone needs to cut luxuries and the newspaper is becoming one of them. With the number of newspapers that have filed for bankruptcy, most economic solutions are unlikely. Couple that with the environmental issue and you have good reasons not to invest in print media.
So for now, until we reach a point where America is economically stable enough to bring back print media, newspapers companies should embrace the Internet. Without any print media to support, a strictly online newspaper will have a better chance at surviving. I am no economic expert but I feel that the 2008 research report from Sanford C. Bernstein & Company stating that ads to support and online newspaper are "is idiotic on its face" is a little extreme. There are plenty of websites that are self-sufficient and a newspaper can be one of them.
Maybe these websites need to provide something more than text content. I do not know what that would exactly be but things need to be changed. Pouring money from one place to another will not give you any solution. Some evolution needs to take place and I think the decline of print media is just the start of a new era.
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