Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is something none of us ever truely want to think about, yet we know sometime in our lives we are going to have to face it. Whether its a family memeber, or your closest friend dealing with the death of one you know is never an easy task. Going to the funeral home and seeing the casket which lies the body of the deceased person is like a ten thousand pound boulder smashing into your stomach leaving tears streaming down your face. There is noo comparison to the overwelling emotion that takes place over the death of a loved one. That person will be the one you're going to think about, miss the most, and can't believe they're gone for the following days, weeks, months and years. You never understand why they had to leave, why were they the one whos life needed to end? Even with their physical body gone, their spirit and presence remains in your heart and mind forever. They will never be forgotten.

xo sam
P.S. At the cemetary today I noticed the last names on the headstones were written in Helvetica.

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