Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Response...

The little boy depicted more than just a youngster carrying around a newspaper. To me, an even bigger theme was attached to this cartoon. The big hand holding him represents our society today, full of comotion and variety. He is trying to show to us that the media is needed in our hectic lifestyles today. The reason i keep emphasizing words that mean "busy" is because that is one of the vibes I recieved from this cartoon. The boy appearrs as if he is trying very hard to sell the paper and I immediatly thought of some big city behind him. This is also in relation to our society today where people are going crazy trying to find jobs in this tough economy. It was also yesterday where I realized how personal this cartoon can actually be. This upcoming summer, I have decided that I want to get a job but don't know exactly where. Currently, I want a high paying, laid back, and simple job. In addition to these wants, I have not started looking for anything as I don't want to work anyway until school ends....but I realized I should look at the situation more realistically, especially when my mom slapped me an article from the Greenwich Times. Thank you dearly, George W. Bush, for putting me into a situation where I may not be able to find a job. Thank you dearly.

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